Heavy Vehicle

Thermoformed parts are used widely in Heavy Vehicle manufacture whether it is for Aesthetic exterior paneling, decorative interior mouldings or robust heavy duty guards. Materials such as ECP (Extreme Composite Plastic), ASA (UV resistant material similar to ABS) and HDPE (robust material similar to that of milk bottles) are very common. We work with Truck and Trailer Manufacturers, Emergency Vehicle Manufacturers and Public Transport Vehicle Manufacturers.


Medical devicesincorporate thermoformed plastics especially to cover electronics and mechanical components. Bed ends are en example of thermoformings in hospitals. Materials such as acrylic capped ABS are commonly used for sanitation reasons and for their high gloss finish.

Promotional and Advertising Models

Thermoformings can be found in shopping centres or on billboards in advertisements whereby novelty products can be created with high details wowing passers-by. The size our machines enables ginormous oversize looking products that cannot help but attract attention. We utilize secondary processes such are digitally printed vinyl to further enhance the reality of the mouldings. HPTA can help design the 3D components of your campaign  to ensure a smooth manufacturing process.