Aluminium Composite Panel Cutting

18th October 2013

Cutting Aluminium Composite sheets on our brand new 6M x 1.85M Flat Bed CNC Router is allowing us to come up with some innovative lightweight components.

Combining the versatile nature of the material with state of the art functions on the CNC machine including a floating head we are able to produce high presision oversize parts with the ability to be cut flat and hinge into place.

The benefits of this material include high temperature stability, similar properties to aluminium sheet but at 65% of the weight and the ability to be hinged.


One thought on “Aluminium Composite Panel Cutting

  1. 17th December 2014

    Laurie Hallak


    You have a video on YouTube that shows vaccu forming a plastic that is shinny and looks just like chrome… Could you please tell what material that is and is it something you sell or possibly something I can purchase in the United States? Any help or information you have would be so helpful!
    Laurie Hallak

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